Places to visit in Culebra

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On the east coast of Puerto Rico there is a small island that has been denominated as “Paradise”; Culebra. This little island not only has a fascinating history, but also a wide range of adventures.

How to get to Culebra?

Ferry, departing from Ceiba

Flight, departing from Ceiba or Isla Grande

Our beautiful beaches


Considered as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches around the world.


This beach has a fascinating aquatic world where you can see fishes, manta rays, corals and turtles.


This is where you can appreciate the best sunsets.


This hidden treasure has crystal clear water and a beautiful view of the lighthouse located on the little island of Culebrita.

Punta Soldado

Where it is common to go camping.


Its calm waters allow different activities such as paddle boarding.


Water Taxi

Maritime transportation is used to visit Culebrita and different keys that It is located around Culebra (Cayo Luis Peña, Cayo Norte, Cayo Pirata, etc)


On the island there are different companies that are in charge of planning routes and tours with the necessary equipment.

El Protector

Visit Hector “El Protector” sculpture made by the artist Thomas Dambo. It is a great spot for a memorable picture.


You can rent a chillboat to relax and unwind by pedaling along the coast. Enjoy your afternoon or start your day the right way!

Jet ski

If speed is your thing there are various Jet ski rentals available. Zoom through the waves and feel the wind in your face!

Lobina & The Spot

Partying at the Lobina and/or The Spot is a great way to spend your night and have some island fun.