Please be sure to read through our Policies and Guidelines pertaining to vehicle rentals below.

If you have any questions, feel free to call. Carlos Jeep Rental offers courtesy pick-ups from the ferry terminal only, depending on shuttle availability. Drop-offs are only offered towards the ferry terminal; our courtesy shuttle leaves every hour. For example: if you drop off the vehicle at 10:30 AM we will provide transportation at 11:00 AM. The first shuttle departs at 8:00 AM the last shuttle departs at 3:00 PM. We recommend being at least 20 minutes before the shuttle you are planning on taking. Due to limited space on the courtesy shuttle, we only provide transportation to the driver. Upon arrival, your party will wait for you at the ferry terminal, at departure you should drop your party off at the ferry terminal before returning your vehicle.

Carlos Jeep Rental rates may vary from season to season. Our rates are determined by supply, demand, and market conditions. Rates quoted are only guaranteed at the time they are quoted. Our suggestion is to always make your plans early to take advantage of the best possible rate we can offer.

Carlos Jeep Rental daily charges are on a 24-hour clock. For example: if you rent the vehicle at 11:00 a.m. on a Tuesday and returned at 11:00 a.m. the next day (which will be Wednesday), this would be considered a one-day charge.
After such time a full day’s charge will be applied to the renters’ contract. All items charged by Carlos Jeep Rental on a 24-hour basis include but are not limited to daily rates, collision coverage, supplemental liability coverage, underage fee, additional driver fee, etc.

Renters must have a valid credit card with their name imprinted so we can authorize a security hold. Authorizations will start at $100 and may vary depending on the vehicle rented. Upon return, one of our agents will inspect the vehicle. If the vehicle is OK, the hold on the credit card will be released. A requirement for phone and online reservations includes two full-day rentals. During same-day rentals, we will work on a first come first serve basis.

The renter must present a credit or debit card in their name with the appropriate available funds on the card. If a credit card is presented in someone else’s name Carlos Jeep Rental will not be able to rent the vehicle to you. This also applies to spouses. This policy is in place to protect credit and debit, cardholders.

Carlos Jeep Rental accepts the following methods of payments: Debit Card, VISA, Discover, AMEX, and Mastercard. We do not accept cash transactions at any point in your rental.

When your contract is opened, we will ask you for the expected return date and time. Once you leave our facility, we ask that you contact us if the return date or time needs to be extended. Only the primary renter is allowed to extend an open contract. If the vehicle is returned before the expected return date, there will be a penalty fee of $50 and the rest will be refunded.

Reservations are valid and honored within 24 hours if you do not arrive the reservation status will be changed to a NO SHOW. If you NO SHOW the $50 reservation fee will not be transferred or refunded.

To reserve a vehicle, we require a $50 reservation fee that will be applied to your rental contract. If you decide to cancel the fee will not be transferred or refunded.

We offer the following three refueling options:
· You may return the vehicle with the same fuel that you received. (Stop and refuel before returning the vehicle).
· Opt to pay a premium per 1/8 refueling charge. This fee is subject to change due to the increases and decreases in fuel costs.

• Baby and infant seats: $12.00 per day

Contract violations include, but are not limited to:
· Driving under the influence of intoxicants.
· Operation of the vehicle by an unauthorized driver.
· Minimum age to operate the vehicle is 21 years or older
· Taking the vehicle off the island of Culebra
· Off-road use of the vehicle.
· Failure to return rental by the due backdate.
· Failure to pay all charges listed on the contract at the time of return.

The renter is responsible for paying for any parking violations received while the vehicle is on contract. Please present the parking ticket at the time of return to our rental agents. We will be glad to add the charge to your contract and will forward the payment to the proper authorities.

If the parking ticket is not paid at the time of checking in the vehicle, Carlos Jeep Rental will forward all invoices for parking violations to the customer for payment.

Renters should be 25 years or older. For renters 21-24 years of age, we charge a $25.00 per day Under Age Fee. Renters need a valid driver’s license and credit card to rent a vehicle. No exceptions are made.

Renters are responsible for all damages to the rental vehicle and any third-party claims for liability while under a vehicle rental agreement.

Renters are responsible for returning the vehicle at the designated date and time shown on the rental agreement. It is the responsibility of the renter to contact Carlos Jeep Rental to extend a contract and to pay additional deposits needed to extend the contract.

It is the renter’s responsibility to understand what they are initializing on the rental contract. Our rental agents are trained to explain each item to their customers before having the customer initial the contract.

Additional drivers are permitted. Only one additional driver is allowed per contract.

Fee: $10.00 per day.

Minimum Age:21

We at Carlos Jeep Rental encourage you to contact your insurance carrier and inquire if your personal policy will cover you in a rental vehicle. Make sure you inform your agent of the type of vehicle you will be renting and how long you will be renting. It makes a difference.

Know what you need before you arrive. Carlos Jeep Rental requires renters to purchase liability coverage. Collision protection is optional on all vehicles except golf carts.

Many credit card companies offer collision coverage benefits with their card. As in many types of coverage, there are limitations. The length of the rental, purpose of the rental, and the vehicle being rented determine your coverage. Again, we suggest that you never assume and encourage you to call the 800 number on your credit card to verify your coverage.

Only applies to Compact cars, SUVs, Golf Carts, Jeeps, Light Trucks, and Minivans.

Only covers damage to the vehicle. The CDW offered by Carlos Jeep Rental is not insurance. It is an option that relieves the renter of the financial responsibility if the vehicle is damaged while on contract.

If accepted by the renter and barring any violation of the rental agreement terms and conditions, Carlos Jeep Rental agrees to waive its rights to collect for damages or losses sustained to the vehicle, loss of use of the vehicle, and administrative charges. The CDW is voided if the vehicle is not returned by the due back date and if the contract is not paid in full at the time of return.

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